The GLOBUS family of products is designed to provide you with the best and most efficient ways to achieve all your training needs, whether it’s to increase muscle strength, endurance, or power.
With our high-level, technologically advanced equipment, GLOBUS has you covered. From our revolutionary intelligent load method with our Kineo line, to our powerful and portable electro-stimulators for muscle development and recovery, we will help you achieve your best performance in the shortest possible time.
Keeping in mind that recovery is different from rest, Globus has been a world leader in portable electro-stimulation devices for over 30 years. Our advanced technology plays a key factor in helping reduce recovery times, combating fatigue and aiding in muscle rehabilitation through our powerful, compact, and easy to use units.
Pain should not limit us from a full life. It is with this concept in mind, that the GLOBUS medical line is designed to reduce your pains whether they are acute or chronic, allowing you to enjoy life and train better.