Triathlon Pro

$599.00 $499.00

Triathlon Pro is an electrostimulator that includes not only a wide range of sport, fitness, beauty and medical programs but also a series of specific programs aimed to improve the physical performance of triathletes.

Physioplate My Gold

$9,450.00 $8,125.00

Globus Physioplate My Gold is the ideal vibration platform for rehabilitation treatments and sports, but it is also very good for fitness and beauty treatments. The neuromechanical vibration is extremely effective on all tissues and structures of the human body: - neuromuscular system - movement - cartilage - bones - hormonal system - neurotransmitters

Premium Sport

$750.00 $450.00

Globus Premium Sport eletrostimulators is mostly indicated for the enhanced Maximum Strength, Explosive Strength, Resistance, and Reactivity of high-level athletes.

EuroGoal 1500

$7,000.00 $7,850.00

The secret of the champions is based on repeating the correct technical movement a great number of times. Globus EuroGoal 1500 is the top-of-the-range model of the soccer machine for modern training: it gives the possibility of executing highly realistic shots on goal, cross kicks and shootings of any kind. Shot power with a speed of up to 140 km/h, exceptional maneuverability of the shooting device to create an infinite number of trajectories with all the desired effects.

Premium Sport Plus

$850.00 $499.00

Globus Premium Sport Plus eletrostimulators is mostly indicated for theenhance Maximum Straength, Explosive Strength, Resistance and Reactivity of high-level athletes.

Premium Fitness

$499.00 $375.00

Globus Premium Fitness eletrostimulators is intended to stimulate the healthy muscle in order to improve preformance, power or relax.