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Triathlon Pro


Triathlon Pro is an electrostimulator that includes not only a wide range of sport, fitness, beauty and medical programs but also a series of specific programs aimed to improve the physical performance of triathletes.

Kineo Leg Pro

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Kineo Leg Pro is the perfect machine for those who want to focus on the lower body work in both functional recovery and performance conditioning. Work on your eccentric strength analitically and you will feel the revolution. You won’t skip the leg day. Never again.

Kineo Multistation

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Globus Kineo Multistation gives the possibility to work on the lower body in both open and closed kinetic chains with the help of innovative training methods. Not to mention the infinite application for the upper body with the free Pulley cable. One machine, countless possibilities.

Kineo Pulley

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Globus Kineo Pulley is the base model of the product range. It gives the possibility to have 4m of free cable to do all your strength functional exercises. Concentric and Eccentric differentiated loads.

Kineo Pulley Squat

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Globus Kineo Pulley Squat combines the versatility of the free Pulley cable and the stability of the Squat platform. Two workstations for a wide range of total body exercises. Sports functional training, neuromuscular control, strength and power training.

Physioplate My Gold


Globus Physioplate My Gold is the ideal vibration platform for rehabilitation treatments and sports, but it is also very good for fitness and beauty treatments. The neuromechanical vibration is extremely effective on all tissues and structures of the human body: - neuromuscular system - movement - cartilage - bones - hormonal system - neurotransmitters