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Winshot 1500

Winshot 1500 is a state-of-the-art training machine for Professional Volleyball Teams. It enables very powerful shootings from different heights, with maximum precision and every 2″. Thanks to the Speed Control System developed by Globus, every shot can be repeated without loosing precison. Winshot 1500 can simulate very realistically any kind of serve, set and spike from 1st and 2nd line, in any area of the court.


Golf Pro

Golf Pro electrostimulators is one of the tools of fundamental importance for the amateur and professional golf players who wants to improve his/her performance.

$650.00 $599.00

Genesy 1100

Genesy 1100 eletrostimulators is mostly indicated for the treatment of pain, for the healing of tissues and for the treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction.


Genesy 3000

This last-generation Professional Electrostimulator was developed to implement its potential uses in the medical, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy fields. 423 PROGRAMS • 53 Sport • 29 Fitness •16 Beauty •11 Rehabilitation •33 Pain •23 Microcurrents •9 Interferentials •236 Electrotherapy Menu (Ems – Russian)

$1,500.00 $1,400.00