Golf Pro

Golf Pro electrostimulators is one of the tools of fundamental importance for the amateur and professional golf players who wants to improve his/her performance.
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Canais: 4
Forma de onda:  EMS
Recursos especiais:  2 + 2, 3S, ação agora, programável, tempo de execução
Amplitude de impulso:  40 - 450 µs
Frequência:  0,3-150 Hz
Potência:  120 mA
Fonte de energia: Bateria recarregável
Visor: Retroiluminado
Classe do dispositivo: IIA
Conformidade: em conformidade com a Diretiva 93/42 / EEC-2007/47 / EEC

Globus Golf Pro has 11 categories and 400 programs.

Globus Golf Pro is the only electrostimulator present on the market created with specific programs in the market created with specific programs in order to improve the physical performance for professional and amateus golfers.


Capillarization • Warm-up • Pre-competition warm-up • Active recovery • Maximum strength • Endurance strength • Explosive strength • Reactivity • Aerobic endurance • Post-competition recovery • Decontracting • Hypertrophy.



Firming • Bio-Pulse firming • Sculpting • Bio-Pulse sculpting • Toning • Mass building • Body sculpting • Definition • Jogging • Anaerobic fitness • Aerobic fitness • Cramp prevention.



Drainage • Bio-Pulse drainage • Lipolysis • Post-pregnancy lipolysis • Bio-Pulse relaxing massage • Toning massage • Energizing massage • Connective massage • Swollen arms • Face capillaries • Skin tone improvement • Post-pregnancy drainage • Post-pregnancy firming • Breast firming • Breast sculpting • Lifting effect • Definition.



Breast microlifting • Cleavage microlifting • Face microlifting • Skin elasticity • Cellulite • BioSkin collagen • Wrinkles • Eye wrinkles • Expression wrinkles • Stretch marks • Nail strenghtening • Bio peeling • Hematoma.


Serial Sequential Stimulation:

The “3S” program list includes 54 parameter combinations. The “3S” programs are characterized by a delay activation of the channels 3 and 4 compared with the channels 1 and 2. The Serial Sequential Stimulation permits to stimulate the musculature in kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscular groups involved.


Action Now:

The Action Now program list includes 84 parameter combinations. This mode is suggested in sport field for athletic preparation where you wish to add the muscular contraction induced by a stimulator to a work made with overloads in dynamic and isometric form..


1 Bag
1 Golf Pro stimulator
1 Handpiece G-Trade
4 Cables for electrode connection
4 Square self-adhesive electrodes
4 Rectangular self-adhesive electrodes
1 Charger
1 Operating manual