Kineo Leg Pro

Kineo Leg Pro is the perfect machine for those who want to focus on the lower body work in both functional recovery and performance conditioning. Work on your eccentric strength analitically and you will feel the revolution. You won’t skip the leg day. Never again.
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Target: Physical Therapy, Performance Evaluation and Training
Internet: WiFi connected
Display: 12’’ touch screen display
Data base: Unlimited training & data storage
Out Put: 2 USB-socket connection
Material: Premium quality Italian leather
Certificate: CE certficate


Dimensions: (LxPxA): 90 x 240 x 184 cm
Weigth: 327 kg
Eletric motor: nominal power 1.6 kW (230V – 8A – 50Hz)
Min/Max Leg Ext. loads: 10-630 Nm
Min/Max Leg Ext. isokinetic speeds: 12-779 °/s
Min/Max Leg Curl loads: 10-520 Nm
Min/Max Leg Curl isokinetic speeds: 12-779 °/s

Globus Kineo Leg Pro has been designed to train lower body muscles. It is made of two different platforms: Kineo Leg Extension and Kineo Leg Curl (optional).

Kineo Leg Extension focuses on quadriceps’ workout (assessment, training), whereas Kineo Leg Curl platform(optional) on the hamstring’s.

Due to the varying of the load between eccentric and concentric phases, Kineo Leg Extension is particularly effective during skill assessment, but even more so in preventing lower limbs’ injuries.


Hamstring Functional Eccentric: perform your strength training from the standing position with the Leg Curl

Quadriceps Strengthening: analytic workouts from the Leg Extension

Knee Rehab: personalize your work protocol and fasten up your recovery



Isometric mode (test and training)

Isokinetic mode (test and training)

Smart viscous training

Variable load training mode

Overload jump training



Concentric max strength balance test

Eccentric max strength balance test

Jump power test

Isometric max strength test

Isometric max strength balance test

Isokinetic max strength test

Isokinetic max strength balance test

Isokinetic concentric/eccentric ratio test

Training methods included: Test incluid:

Isotonic WIT (with inertia training)

Dynamic Tests :

1 - Concentric Max Strength

2 - Eccentric Max Strength

3 - Power Test

IsotonicNIT (no inertia training)




         Training methods included: 


Isotonic WIT (with inertia training)


IsotonicNIT (no inertia training)





Variable load

Viscous (with 6 viscousity levels)




Test incluid: 


Dynamic Tests :

1 - Concentric Max Strength

2 - Eccentric Max Strength

3 - Concentric Balance

4 - Eccentric Balance

5 - Power Test

6 - Jump Power Test

Isometric Tests:

1 - Max Strength

2 - Balance Test


Isokinetic Tests:

1 - Max Strength

2 - Balance Test