Kineo Multistation

Globus Kineo Multistation gives the possibility to work on the lower body in both open and closed kinetic chains with the help of innovative training methods. Not to mention the infinite application for the upper body with the free Pulley cable. One machine, countless possibilities.
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Target: Physical Therapy, Performance Evaluation and Training
Internet: WiFi connected
Display: 12’’ touch screen display
Data base: Unlimited training & data storage
Out Put: 2 USB-socket connection
Material: Premium quality Italian leather
Certificate: CE certficate


Dimensions: (LxPxA): 255 x 90 x 184 cm
Weigth: 300 kg
Eletric motor: nominal power 1.6 kW (230V – 8A – 50Hz)
Cable max extraction: 4 m (up to 5 m with dedicated accessory)
Min/Max Pulley loads: 1-110 kg
Min/Max Isokinetic speeds: 0,1 - 5 m/s
Min/Max Leg Ext. loads: 10 - 630 N/m
Min/Max Isokinetic speeds: 0,1 - 5 m/s
Min/Max Leg Ext. Isokinetic speeds: 12-778 °/s

Globus Kineo Multistation is designed around the needs of the most demanding professionals, this platform can train systematically and thoroughly each and every body muscle. KM7000 is currently made up of three different platforms: Leg Extension, Pulley and Squat. The three platforms combined allow athletes to work out effectively and precisely on torso, lower and upper body muscles, respecting the body’s natural physiology.

A particular interesting feature of KM7000 is the new Squat platform. This platform lets athletes work out (also Isokinetically) in closed chain when performing squats or squat jumps, as well as during both skill assessment and training. Another compelling feature of KM7000 is the Leg Curl platform (optional) to be easily set up in place of the Squat’s.


Eccentric Squat training: injury prevention and neuromuscular training. All in one.

Intelligent Vertical Jump: your power jump training to the next level.

Knee Rehab in OKC (open kinetic chain): analytic, reliable, innovative.

Functional training: free cable exercises.

Core training

Run & Control training: up to 5 m.

Hyper-body Viscous Training: biceps/triceps hypertrophy work.



Isometric mode (test and training)

Isokinetic mode (test and training)

Smart viscous training

Variable load training mode

Overload jump training



Concentric max strength balance test

Eccentric max strength balance test

Jump power test

Isometric max strength test

Isometric max strength balance test

Isokinetic max strength test

Isokinetic max strength balance test

Isokinetic concentric/eccentric ratio test

Training methods included: Test incluid:

Isotonic WIT (with inertia training)

Dynamic Tests :

1 - Concentric Max Strength

2 - Eccentric Max Strength

3 - Power Test

IsotonicNIT (no inertia training)




         Training methods included: 


Isotonic WIT (with inertia training)


IsotonicNIT (no inertia training)





Variable load

Viscous (with 6 viscousity levels)




Test incluid: 


Dynamic Tests :

1 - Concentric Max Strength

2 - Eccentric Max Strength

3 - Concentric Balance

4 - Eccentric Balance

5 - Power Test

6 - Jump Power Test

Isometric Tests:

1 - Max Strength

2 - Balance Test


Isokinetic Tests:

1 - Max Strength

2 - Balance Test



Squat (max. 220 kg)

Squat Elite (max. 440 kg)

Leg Curl