Physioplate My Gold

Globus Physioplate My Gold is the ideal vibration platform for rehabilitation treatments and sports, but it is also very good for fitness and beauty treatments. The neuromechanical vibration is extremely effective on all tissues and structures of the human body: - neuromuscular system - movement - cartilage - bones - hormonal system - neurotransmitters
Old price: $9,450.00
Target: Physical Therapy and Training
Vibration frequency: From 15 to 70 with 1 Hz variations
Motors: 2 AC 200W motors
Number of Programs: 232
Display: 7 inch touchscreen
Dimension: 96 x 96 x 156 cm
Acceleration: 1 – 18 G
Weight: 130 kg
Double vibration level: 2-3 mm and 4-6 mm
User max Weight: 150 kg

GLOBUS PHYSIOPLATE MY GOLD is a particularly interesting model of our vibration platform top line.

It comes with a complete range of preset programs for sport, fitness, beauty and specific rehab functions.

The very large 93X60cm plate gives maximum comfort to the user during vibratory stimulation sessions.

TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY: for the visualization and selection of programs directly on the screen

PERSONAL TRAINER ONBOARD: This feature helps the user select the most suitable programs for their needs

VISIO: Software that displays body parts and positions during vibration sessions

MYPRO: You can freely set all parameters: frequency, width, cycle number, session duration and rest periods

VARIO: The parameters can be changed in real time during the vibration session.

Backlit display

Backlit display

Changeable parameters

Changeable parameters

The parameters of the Elite S II can be modified by the user.

Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Several GLOBUS stimulators are supplied with a very practical Personal Trainer on

CD containing all suggestions for daily training.

Physio Key

Physio Key

This accessory is made up of a data key and the management software.

It permits to create a specific work program for a specific user,

or to set work time duration limit (present in all Gold series models).

My Exercise

My Exercise

Unique in its market segment, this vibration platform permits to select an exercise and

display the correct body position automatically.



All the models differ for the multiphase program management, i.e.

the protocols that include different work phases,

thus permitting to make warm-up, active work and cool down in the same session.

Dual Cam

Dual Cam

Double oscillation height (2/4 mm) for medical and sports treatments.

Dual Range (Hi-Low) Frequency

Dual Range (Hi-Low) Frequency

5-20 Hz (proprioception and functional re-education) and 50-70 Hz for special treatments.


Each program displays instructions for its execution and a detailed image with the correct body position on the platform.

The platforms allow expert and professional users to manually create programs by directly adjusting the various parameters.



1 - Osteoporosis

2 - Muscular Recovery

3 - Mobility Recovery

4 - Metabolism Activation

5 - Circulatory System Activation


1 - Warm-Up

2 - Strengthening - Basic

3 - Strengthening - High Level

4 - Stretching

5 - Tension Relieving

6 - Endurance


1 - Lipolysis

2 - Elasticity

3 - Relaxing Massage


1 - Firming

2 - Toning

3 - Shaping

4 - Stretching

5 - Warm-Up

6 - Tension Relieving

Vertical Oscillating Plate

The vibration is produced by a vertical movement of the plate.

On this platform, the user receives a symmetrical stimulus to both limbs resting on the plate and, due to the simultaneous stimulus on every point of the plate, a very powerful stress, too.

Vertical vibration is a characteristic of Physioplate platforms.


How does Physioplate cause the muscle twitch?

While standing on the vibration platform, the natural human body equilibrium is disturbed by continuous induced changes. Many muscles are activated in order to find the lost equilibrium. These changes are "recorded" by the muscle spindles, which, through afferent nerves, send a signal to the cerebral cortex, which reacts causing a reflex twitch of the interested muscles.


Is it normal that legs and calves are itching during and after the training?

Yes, it is a perfectly normal phenomenon. The use of a Vibration Platform highly stimulates blood circulation. After some treatments, this phenomenon should diminish. Otherwise, stop the treatments temporarily.


Can I use the Vibration Platform barefooted?

It is preferable to use the Vibration Platform by wearing shoes (better if sports shoes).


Does training on the Vibration Platform improve flexibility?

Yes, it does as it improves articular mobility.

By using Physioplate in different positions (as shown in the Exercise Library), it is possible to stretch the different muscles, which will relax as soon as the user gets off the vibration platform. The Golgi apparatus is activated during the training, too, which favors a high level of relaxation (tendon reflex).


Should I train with the Vibration Platform before or after the cardiovascular training?

The exercises on the Vibration Platform can be carried out at any stage of your training program. The warm up program is ideal before starting any physical activity, and the Relaxing Massage program permits to relax muscles after training.


Can young people train with the Vibration Platform?

The use of the Vibration Platform for young people is recommended only under the supervision of medical or specialized staff.


Can elderly people train on the Vibration Platform?

Of course. Training on the vibration platform is particularly useful both to limit bone loss and to stimulate the increase in bone mass. The application of the vibratory therapy is a good therapeutical means in geriatric medicine to stimulate bone metabolism, even with the osteoporotic degeneration.

Another important physiological parameter that vibrations can affect is blood circulation. The vibration therapy could bring about a reduction in blood viscosity and an increase in the average speed of circulatory flow (Kerschan and coll., 2001). The peripheral circulation can increase considerably, up to 150%, with beneficial effects on metabolism and on the contribution of oxygen to the tissues. In addition, the increased circulatory bed favors the decrease in artery pressure.

The Vibration Platform is therefore particularly useful for people suffering from circulatory diseases, like arteriosclerosis or insufficient lymphatic drainage.


Should contraindications be considered as absolute?

That one of the contraindications regards you does not mean that you are absolutely not allowed to use the Vibration Platform. We suggest you to consult your doctor. Physioplate can be considered as an added value to traditional therapies, when recommended by a doctor or a physiotherapist.


Can Vibration Platform training be considered as fitness training?

The Vibration Platform training permits to achieve all the results that can be usually obtained by carrying out normal fitness training. To reach the best results, some aerobic activity is recommended alongside with the vibration training.


Should any particular position be avoided while standing on the vibration platform?

It is important to avoid some positions and specific movements on the vibration plate that may damage articulations. We recommend to follow the positions suggested in the Exercise Library.


Can the Vibration Platform be used in the presence of varicose veins?

The regular use of the Vibration Platform highly stimulates blood circulation and improves the return blood flow. For this reason, it is a very good training also in the presence of varicose veins. Consulting your doctor before using it is however recommended.


Can people suffering from diabetes use the Vibration Platform?

Due to the quick decrease in blood glucose level, the Vibration Platform training may cause a sense of weakness to diabetic people. However, Physioplate is certainly suitable to improve the physical conditions of diabetic people. The training with Physioplate recommended under the supervision of a doctor.


Can the Vibration Platform be used immediately after a meal?

The use of the Vibration Platform is recommended far away from meals or at least after digesting. It is however important to intake glucose-rich fluids half an hour before starting the treatment. This recommendation is particularly important, because the vibration training causes a sudden drop in blood glucose level. This recommendation is not specific only for vibration training, but it is valid for anybody who wants to carry out any kind of physical training.


How many Vibration Platform training sessions per week are recommended?

In order to obtain good results in a short time, training or therapy sessions with the Vibration Platform should take place at least 3 times per week.

  • 1 Vibration plate GLOBUS PHYSIOPLATE MY GOLD
  • 1 Exercise mat
  • 2 Exercise bands
  • 1 Power supply unit
  • 1 Operating manual